Piódão Village, In Arganil

Piodão is a parish of Arganil.

The village of Piódão, is located on the slopes of Serra do Açor(Açor Mountain Range).


The dwellings are traditional shale walls, ceiling covered with slabs and wooden doors and windows painted blue. The aspect that artificial light gives it overnight in conjunction by the provision of houses, made received the name of “Village Manger”.

Piodao noite

The inhabitants are dedicated mainly to agriculture (corn, potatoes, beans, vineyard), raising livestock (sheep and goats) and in some cases to beekeeping.


The flora is largely composed of chestnuts, olive, pine, heather and gorse. The fauna consists mainly of rabbits, hares, wild boars, foxes, weasels, martens, eagles, hawks, crows, jays, partridges and small rodents.


Currently, the desertification of inland areas affects almost all villages of this parish. Younger populations emigrated abroad or to the coastal areas in search of better living conditions, return to their origins, especially during festive seasons to relive the past and being reunited with their counterparts.


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