Castle of Celorico da Beira

Occupied by the Muslims at the time of the Christian Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula, under the reign of King Afonso Henriques (1112-1185), was conquered by D. Moninho Dola. Aiming to encourage their settlement and defense, the sovereign granted it a charter, attributing to the Knights Templar the direction of the castle rebuilding jobs.

Certainly shared the nearby destination Trancoso, sacked when the Muslim offensive in 1140, which had already crushed the first Leiria Castle. Similarly, it would have been rescued by the forces of King Afonso Henriques, who, after repel the attackers, ordered the restoration of the defenses and Trancoso Castle. Integrated that Beira lindeira line at the time, in addition to Trancoso, Castle of Beira Celorico and Linhares da Beira Castle.

In the year 1198 suffered the siege that was imposed by the troops of King Alfonso IX of Leon, in the context of hostilities against the King Sancho I (1185-1211). Was rescued by the people of Linhares Castle, under the command of Don Rodrigo Mendes own mayor, brother of Celorico, D. Gonçalo Mendes.

The charter of Celorico da Beira was confirmed by Alfonso II (1211-1223) in 1217. His successor, Sancho II (1223-1248), extended her defenses. Having your mayor, Ferdinand Rodrigues Pacheco, sworn allegiance to the Portuguese sovereign, suffered the siege that was imposed by the troops of the Bologna Earl (1246). That would be repeated during the 1383-1385 crisis, when forces of Castile invaded Portugal, passing through Celorico da Beira, assaulted his castle (1385).

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