Monsanto, What To See: Religious and Military Architecture

Religious architecture:
Chapel of San Pedro de Coming to Doe or Mother Church of Vira-Doe
Chapel of Our Lady of Azenha
Chapel of Our Lady Foot of the Cross
Chapel of Santa Maria do Castelo
Chapel of St. Anthony (Monsanto)
Chapel of St. Joseph (Monsanto)
Chapel of St. Michael Castle (Monsanto)
Chapel of St. Sebastian (Monsanto)
Chapel of the Holy Spirit (Monsanto)
Misericordia Church of Monsanto

Chapel of Santa Maria do Castelo

Chapel of St. Michael’s Castle

Military Arquitecture:
Castle and walls of Monsanto
Tower of Lucano or Relógio
Public civil Arquitecture:
Source Forge
Fountain of Middle and Fountain of New Source
Pillory Monsanto8
Old wine cellar
Bank of patience
Private civil §Arquitectura [edit | edit source]
Pousada de Monsanto
The Pinheiros and Fountain Mono
Solar da Graciosa Marquis Family (Monsanto the Tourist Office)
Solar Solar Melo Family or the Baixa
Solar Family Pinheiro or Solar Mono Source
Solar of Monsanto Priors
House of Fernando Namora
Old office of Fernando Namora
The century house (1628)
House of Governors

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