Idanha-a-Nova, Roman Civitas Aegitidanorum

The famous Roman city Civitas Aegitidanorum (documented since the year 16 BC), is mandatory reference of all archaeological tours of Portugal.
But history of Idanha-a-Velha is full of remnants of other times. Visigoths and Arabs, Medieval Warriors, Knights Templar and “landlords” have left their mark here.
The vast existing assets, deserves the Visigoth Cathedral (originally erected over a paleo temple), with a pool baptistery abroad, continues to impress by the size of their wealth. Today, home to one of the most important epigraphic sets for the period of the Roman stay on the Peninsula.
The Walls and Keep (with Roman excerpts); were rebuilt in medieval times, embracing the town for the protection and safety of its inhabitants; the square tower rests on the podium of a Roman temple).


Porta Romana(Roman Gate)

Pônsul Bridge (highlighting details of construction);

Pelourinho (XVI century);

Chapel of St. Dâmaso(XVIII century, with a sober facade);

Egitaniense Museum (split between the Cathedral and the Chapel of St. Dâmaso).

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